Corporate Services

Introducing The Soul Service office treatments page. Your staff’s health is equally as important as your businesses. You are only a successful business if your team are behind you 100%.

Office massage contributes to your team’s good health and well being, boosting team morale and loyalty and in turn improving productivity in your business.

Our fully trained beauty and massage therapists are ready to provide mini or luxury beauty or onsite massage treatments to fit in with the fast pace of the office 

With essential beauty treatments (for both women and men) on the menu, and a service to wow you and your colleagues, our office services was designed with our Corporate Clients in mind to ensure that workload doesn’t get in the way of you looking and feeling your best. We know how busy your staff are so Let us save you time and hassle by bringing the salon service to your office. We can do it whilst you’re busy working, or during lunch at the staff meeting room. We bring you the salon experience saving you having to leave your office

How about a midday head massage to take the stress off from your workload? Highly recommended by our therapists; it’s the perfect end to an exhausting week, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

Our mission is to assist and guide companies small or large to improve their health and well-being within the workplace 

Treatments offered: 

Seated chair massage – 15 mins -£10 or  30 mins -£20 

Seated chair massage – through clothing

Seated chair massage WITH OILS – 15 mins -£10 or  30 mins -£20 

Seated chair massage – with oils

Indian Head massage – 15 mins – £10

Indian Head massage

Eyebrow threading -£7

Eyebrow threading

Upper lip threading- £7

Upper lip threading

Both upper lip and eyebrow together – £10

Both upper lip and eyebrow together

Hand and arm massage – 15 mins -£10

Hand and arm massage – 15 mins

Mask and moisturise – mini facial 20 mins – £15 

Mask and moisturise – mini facial

We can tailor make any packages for you and therapists are available 5 days a week at your convenience. 

Look forward to something else besides the end of the working week.