Manicure Pedicure Consultation Form

Mani/Pedi Consultation Form

  • I understand this consent form and have answered each question truthfully. I understand that withholding information from my therapist may result in contraindications or skin irritation from treatment received. The treatments I receive from The Soul Service are voluntary and I release The Soul Service and the hotel from liability and assume full responsibility thereof. I understand that the treatment is solely cosmetic. I understand that my beauty therapist, who is a member of The Soul Service , is not a physician and cannot diagnose or prescribe towards any medical condition or disease. It is my responsibility to notify my beauty therapist of any changes in my health or medical history. It is ultimately my responsibility to notify my therapist of any discomfort or pain experienced during treatment. The hotel is in no way responsibility for the outcome of any treatment undertaken. The Soul Service is responsible for any related therapies undertaken. Any adverse reaction to treatment will not be deemed the responsibility of the hotel. I hereby state to have read the information above and have provided all notable information to the best of my knowledge. Cancellation policy: please give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment or 50% of your total treatment fee will be charged.