Terms & Conditions

Our hotel treatment Terms and conditions.

  1. The Soul Service is an off site service that provides treatments for the guests of your hotel 7 days a week. We work best with pre bookings although we can often accept bookings on the day. We may need a minimum of 4 hours notice on all treatments if you decide to book on the day.

  2. We aim to provide treatments on demand but be aware that during busier periods we may not always be able to offer you the treatment you want at the time you would like. We will instead offer you the next best alternative.

  3. We work in guests bedrooms. For this reason not all treatments may be available in your room due to size constraints. Please check with your Reception for your rooms suitability as alternative arrangements can often be made.

  4. Our hours of operation are as follows: Mon-Fri 9.00 to 19.00. Sat-Sun 10.00 to 18.00. PRE BOOKING IS ADVISED FOR SUNDAYS. Requests outside of these hours with adequate notice are often available.

  5. The Soul Service is responsible for all treatments provided at your hotel. Your hotel is responsible in no way for the quality or the outcome of your treatments. If an issues arises from your treatment or you are not happy with the outcome then in the first instance please contact Reception who will in turn contact us. If there is a genuine issue we will work with the hotel to rectify this.

  6. HOWEVER- if a guest asks us to use their own products as a part of any of our treatments the hotel and The Soul Service will not be held in any way responsible for the outcome of the treatment should any issues arise.

  7. All treatments are booked through the Reception or your Concierge by dialling 0 from your room. We do not accept direct bookings from guests.

  8. Our cancellations policy. If a guest cancels an appointment less than 24 hours before its scheduled time then there is a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the full treatments cost. Outside of 24 hours there is no cancellation fee.

  9. In the rare circumstance that we have to cancel your appointment, in the first instance we will offer you an alternative time and a 15% discount on the full price of that treatment or treatments.

  10. All payments are made through your hotel Reception. We do not take payment from guests directly.

  11. It is essential that guests complete the appropriate consent form- available from Reception- before The Soul Service therapist arrives. It can be returned to reception or given directly to your therapist. Failure to complete the form before the treatment commences will delay the start of your treatment AND will eat into your appointment time.

  12. Please be ready for your treatment before we arrive. For massages please change in to a large towel- fastened at the back and your dressing gown and removed any jewellery. For manicures and pedicures please remove any jewellery and articles of clothing from the treatment area. For facials please change into a large towel and remove any jewelry from the treatment area.

Many thanks. We hope you enjoy your treatment with The Soul Service.